Saturday, May 25, 2013

You won't find scripture in context teaching that

FRIEND, you might find a community of people that will ease your conscience that the SIN you're living IN is nothing to be too worried about, yeah you might find a couple preachers, a couple books, that'll convince you that your sinful lifestyle is in fact acceptable or that God at least 'tolerates' it. You might search the scriptures for verses that will comfort you that no matter what, God will love, accept, and forgive you without real repentance. won't FIND scripture IN CONTEXT teaching that, you won't be able to find ONE book in the bible that will lead you to that conclusion, you won't be able to face or argue against the plethora of scripture verses ALL throughout the BIBLE warning and condemning such a wicked twisting of the scriptures. In other words your willful ignorance will do nothing but help you sleep better on your journey towards an eternity in Hell.
Turn from such lies, repent of your wickedness, turn to Christ, believe upon the Lord and pursue righteousness............for this is what Christ has accomplished taking the place of vile God-hating rebels, He bore the full punishment of those who believe and gives the fullness of His righteousness to them. Despite what we deserve, God chose to love us, He chose to save us, and in that salvation that God freely provides, He supplies the powerful working of the Holy Spirit to create that new heart which loves what God loves and hates what God hates, yes IN Christ we are given new desires and the power to act upon them, in other words we don't save ourselves, we don't change ourselves, it is ALL of God from beginning to end, it's His work and it's for His glory! ~ Julius Mickel