Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Shame on those who can speak 'truth' without passion

The pattern found in scripture concerning God's purpose and working in times of tragedy especially mass tragedy is 3 fold: 1. To cause men to cry out to Him 2. To judge men 3. To strengthen His people
I believe one reason why there still exists a large number of people who think there is one type of God in the Old Testament and another type of God in the New is because of well meaning Christians and they're unwillingness to face and wrestle with how active God truly is in affairs of men, just a glance at the pattern of the book of Judges testifies to His sovereignty in bringing people back to Him! This makes me think of something Paul Washer often tells of the time where he warns the pastor that wants him to preach on the attributes of God, that he doesn't want to split their church.....explaining their will be nice long attending members who will get upset declaring that's not my God, i could never love a God like that.."
Is it all just theory? Do u really believe, do you ever share the gospel with any urgency??? Are men really in danger, does God's wrath really abide on people?

Such truths need explanation, but shame on those who can speak 'truth' without passion, without carefulness, without great concern for souls, without deep longings for men to be reconciled to God, without love to God and to men. ~ Julius Mickel