Saturday, October 2, 2010

Seeker-Sensitive Methodologies

"As churches have tailored their Sunday services to suit the tastes of 'seekers,' for example, there is less and less emphasis on edifying the saints and more and more stress on entertaining unbelievers. Drama, music, comedy, and even forms of vaudeville have often replaced preaching in the order of service. That strips Christ of His headship over the church by removing His Word from its rightful place and thereby silencing His rule in the life of His people. In effect, it surrenders the headship of the church to unchurched seekers.

Furthermore, any time a preacher squelches or softens a hard truth of Scripture to make the message more palatable, that preacher has suppressed Christ's true message and thereby usurped His rightful authority as Lord over the church."
-John MacArthur, The Truth War