Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ambassadors for Christ

"You know, this is a matter of common honesty. The great apostle says elsewhere, 'I am an ambassador for Christ.' What is the business of an ambassador? Is it to voice his own opinions? Is it to say what he thinks? Well, if he does so, he is a very bad ambassador. The ambassador's job is to convey the thinking and the point of view of the country that has appointed him and which he is representing. He may disagree with it entirely, but it does not matter. The business of the ambassador is to deliver the message which has been given to him, to hand on this commission, whatever it is. And Paul says, I have no choice about this; that's what he told me to say. I'm not here to give you my theories and my ideas, he says. I am determined simply to preach what he gave me."
-Martyn Lloyd-Jones