Saturday, June 8, 2013

Oh the need to renew our minds

Not even if Spurgeon, Lloyd-Jones, or Jc Ryle was your pastor/preaching would they be able through their preaching, make-up for a neglect of personal study and daily meditation of scripture!
There is a grand difference in true fellowship when the people of God are digging in the Word of God and then they come together encourage one another in the Way of God! We can meet together more and for longer and it will not 'build' community (body living) if Christ is missing and we just chit chat about surface issues!
You know what that daily musing and stirring of zeal looks like? UNFORTUNATELY it looks like many a church during/after the elections or during March Madness,as soon as the sermon is over, zealous impassioned expressions of anger, disgust, praise, rejoicing, amening, agreements and sad is that when 'church' is dismissed or bible study is over, now we can talk about the things we really have on our mind......o the need to renew our minds and then we can bless one another in this bloody battle against the world, Satan, and our flesh! ~ Julius Mickel