Saturday, December 11, 2010

Experimental preaching

Joel Beeke: “Experimental preaching is discriminatory preaching.  It clearly defines the difference between Christian and non-Christian, opening the kingdom of heaven to one and shutting against the other.  A faithful minister rightly divides the word of truth to separate the precious from the vile (Jer. 15:19) . . . grace is to be offered indiscriminately to all (Matt. 13:24-30); however, the divine acts, marks, and fruits of grace that God works in His people must be explained to encourage the elect and uncover the false hopes of hypocrites. . . . It is discriminating preaching defining the differences between the Christian and the non- Christian, pressing home the promises of forgiveness and eternal life to those who believe and promises of wrath and judgment on those who are unconverted. . . .Preaching must be discriminatoryWe must distinguish that there are both believers and unbelievers in the midst of the congregation.”